Monday, September 22, 2014

Had a grand time at Grand Con last weekend!

Grand Rapids, Michigan got a taste of Source Point awesomeness last weekend when the SPP staff descended down upon Grand Con over the weekend. We had a ton of fun and loved making new fans on the west side of the state. We also got to spend some time with comic legend and inker extraordinaire, Mark McKenna.

Ladies love the Werner!

Readers that picked up Josh's latest novel, Rampant, also got a limited edition souvenir map.

We got to tease fans with this print of the upcoming series "Up the River."

Jack of Spades was well received and gained many new fans!

Author and Jack of Spades co-creator, Trico J. Lutkins, loves the new novel Rampant!

A new take on the origin of werewolves. The new novella, Rampant, made many new fans at the con.