Sunday, September 15, 2013

SPP brought awesomeness to the Kerrytown BookFest

Source Point Press has attended comic conventions, zombie cons and even zine-a-polluzas, but what happens when SPP attends a book festival?  They rock it!

The Source Point table got a little crazy.  Here is a spectator view of our booth.  There was a lot of interest, some books sold out and we met a lot of great new fans!  :) 

Chris Nadeau (shown in the middle), author of the upcoming novel, Kaiju, stopped by the Source Point table to check out Delightfully Wicked Poetic Tales by author Trico J. Lutkins (shown on the left)

Joshua Werner had some help at the booth from junior sales associate, Audrey.  We promise no child labor laws were broken.  :)

 Our super-hero anthology, Alter Egos Volume I, sold out at the Kerrytown BookFest.  Jack of Spades #1, Delightfully Wicked Poetic Tales and Serial #1 came close to selling out as well.

The Source Point Press horror collection continues to grow with great novels like Adoration for the Dead, comics like Classic Pulp #1, and our Feast of the Dead zombie anthologies.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

SPP gears up to rock the Kerrytown BookFest!

Source Point Press has attended many conventions.  From comic cons to zombie cons to zine cons, we've rocked them all!  Now, SPP will be selling its books alongside some of the best publishers in Michigan at the Kerrytown BookFest.  Come on out to Ann Arbor and check out some of our great titles.  We have zombie anthologies, dark poetry chapbooks, horror, super-hero anthologies, noir hero comics, serial killer comics, pulp horror comics, t-shirts featuring great illustrations from our artists and of course amazing artwork from As Fall Leaves Illustrated.  We're sure to have something for everyone at the Kerrytown BookFest.