Saturday, November 23, 2013

Source Point Press wants to thank their fans!

We love our fans!  They're the best part of going to conventions and we love getting feedback from them after reading our books, so to thank them we are running a Black Friday special at our Storenvy store.  From now until November 30th we are offering 20% off.  Hurry now and get your holiday season shopping dome :)

Use promo code: BLACKFRIDAY

Monday, November 4, 2013

Detroit Fanfare Exclusive offers

Jack of Spades #0 sold well and issue #1 was available through pre-order.  Fans that pre=order can receive a piece of original artwork from the comic, but hurry!  Only the first 30 pre-orders will receive the artwork with their copy of issue #1

Serial #1 received a variant cover just for Detroit Fanfare.  It features a handprint and signature from John Wayne Gacy.  Only fifty of these variant covers were made so hurry and get yours before they're all gone!

Celebs flock to the SPP table at Detroit Fanfare!

Okay, Trico Lutkins isn't technically a celebrity but he does write the Jack of Spades comic series and does look spiffy in his Bill Cosby Sweater!

Danger Zone!

Mad prop to Silk Specter and the Comedian.  Not only did they do an excellent job at cosplaying but they were also some of the coolest people we meet at the con!

Source Point Press had a blast at Detroit Fanfare!

Jammin' Joshua Werner and the benevolent Bre Werner brought awesomeness to both the Source Point Press table and the As Fall Leaves Illustration booth.

Our junior sales girl extraordinaire, Audrey, manned the SPP booth while Josh and Tric stepped out to give a presentation at the "Meet the Creators" panel.

Author Christopher Nadeau swung by to promote his latest book from Source Point Press, Kaiju.