Monday, June 2, 2014

Meet Source Point Mondays: Mathias Jansson

Mathias Jansson is a Swedish art critic and horror poet. He used to write art criticisms with a special interest for New Media Art and Game Art (i.e contemporary art inspired by video games). Two years ago, he started to published his horror poems in magazines such as The Horror Zine Magazine, Dark Eclipse, Schlock and The Sirens. Since then, he has contributed to several anthologies from Horrified Press and James Ward Kirk Fiction. He has also contributed to Alter Egos Volume 2 and Feast of the Dead: Hors D'oeuvres published by Source Point Press. During this year, he will contribute to several new anthologies from Horrified Press, Thirteen Press and many others. Mathias' latest release was a heavy metal horror poem, titled Seven Goats, about a fictional Romanian Black metal band, which was published in the anthology Axes of Evil. It was published by Diabolus In Musica. In his poetry, Mathias finds inspiration from contemporary science, black metal, classic mythology, Swedish folklore, ancient mysteries and enigmas.