Friday, June 20, 2014


Saturday July 19th at Dancing Devil Dermagraphics will be an official Source Point event, the Dancing Devil Comic Con!
Free event! 1pm to 9pm 1000 Gratiot Blvd. Marysville, MI 48040

Dancing Devil Dermagraphics and Source Point Press are very excited to announce that special guest David C. Hayes will be at the event signing autographs and selling merchandise!

David C. Hayes is an award-winning author, editor and performer. Most recently, he has written stories for Dark Moon Books, Strangehouse Books, Evil Jester Press, Blood Bound Books, and many more. His first collection, American Guignol, is out from Blood Bound Books and he is a multiple genre anthology editor. He is the author of "Die, You Zombie Crackers!", "Cannibal Fat Camp", "Muddled Mind: The Complete Works of Ed Wood Jr.", and the Rottentail graphic novel as well as many screenplays, stage plays (his "Dial P for Peanuts" won an Ethingtony in 2011), articles and more. His newest novel, "Cherub", is receiving wonderful reviews and is available from Bizarro Pulp Press. His films, like Machined, Reborn, Bloody Bloody Bible Camp, and a Man Called Nereus are available worldwide on DVD, BluRay and streaming. 
You can visit him online at You can also find his book "Weird Little Kid" available from Source Point Press and his story "The Savage Sword of King Conrad: Genesis" in the Source Point anthology "Alter Egos Volume 1" on


He even makes custom Mego figures!