Monday, February 24, 2014

Meet SPP Mondays: Michigan Comics Collective

This week's Meet SPP Mondays features an amazing group, the Michigan Comics Collective. Their goal is to bring together comic book creators, retailers and publishers in the great state of Michigan. They do an amazing job of helping the indie comic book community in Michigan and we here at SPP owe them a great deal for their help. When you see a Source Point comic in a shop, it's due to the hard work that the Michigan Comic Collective has put into getting that comic and many other local comics into stores. When you get your comic signed by a Source Pointer at a local retailer it's going to be due to the amazing job that MCC has done collaborating with local publishers, authors. artists and retailers. They do an excellent job and the local indie comic scene (and especially Source Point Press) owes
 them a debt of thanks.