Monday, February 17, 2014

Meet Source Point Mondays: featuring "Doc"

Hey guys, we're starting some new weekly segments for the website.  Every Monday, we'll have "Meet Source Point Mondays" where you'll have the chance to read about not only the staff, writers and artists involved with SPP, but you'll also get to read exclusive character bios.

This week we're featuring Marc "Doc" Marrek from the Jack of Spades comic book series.

Marc “Doc” Marrek

Doc is one of the Jack of Spade’s oldest friends.  They first met in high school and soon formed a symbiotic bond wherein Doc helped Spade to pass his classes while Spade protected Doc from bullies.  Over the years, Doc has grown from a complete science fiction nerd into a complete science fiction nerd with a PhD in biomechanics.  He provides not only his techno-savy skills to the Jack of Spades but also acts as Spade’s conscience, often reminding the reluctant hero that at heart he is a hero.