Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The Creepshow in NECROGEDDON

Fans of monsters, horror movies, and psychobilly music are in for a treat with this announcement!

Toronto-based band The Creepshow will appear in their first graphic novel next year, published by Source Point Press!
   While on a European tour, the band members find themselves lost driving through a strange rural area. After an accident causes them to interrupt a sacred druid ceremony, the band find themselves fulfilling a prophecy that they would battle to save the world from the armies of the undead... Whether they want to or not! Loaded with laughs, gore, and monsters of all kinds, "The Creepshow in Necrogeddon" will please fans of the band, fans of monster movies, fans of comedy, or just fans of great entertainment!
  Written by Trico J. Lutkins, edited by Travis McIntire, with artwork by Joshua Werner! Keep checking back for more news on this exciting officially licensed The Creepshow graphic novel!