Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Source Point Press rocked Great Lakes Comic Con last weekend in Warren, MI!!!!!!

Great Lakes Comic Con is one of our favorite conventions and we had a blast. The SPP crew sold a ton of books, made some great new fans, and connected with some old friends!

 Rich Bloom and Steve Sharar converse with this mystery bearded man, lol.

 Greg Wright is selling through hundreds of copies of Monstrous like a boss!

 We already had one pic of Steve Sharar but we decided to throw in another one for the ladies! Lol

 Comic readers of all ages become instant fans of Monstrous and it's author, Greg Wright!

Cameraman: Quick, Tric! Promote something!
Tric: Bamm!

You're never to young (or old) to love comics and to become an artist. Junior Source Pointer, Audrey, makes some quick sketches for fans. 

 No matter where you look at a comic convention, you're likely to see the SPP logo!

 We love the indie comic book community and we especially love to give back to it so we try to do as many panels as we can at conventions to help new indie creators.

 SPP is very excited to have author, Kasey Pierce, among our ranks and we were super-pleased to have her at the SPP booths to promote her new comic series, Norah. Available next month!

 Sometimes people line up just to look at our displays. Lol

Its a little known fact that SPP president, Travis McIntire, can actually grow his beard through meditation. Here we see him after a meditation session. "I just shaved this morning." McIntire commented. Lol