Sunday, November 15, 2015

SPP Coverage of Fantasticon Mount Clemens 2015

Author, actor, director, wrestler and all around master of all things awesome, David C. Hayes, showed up on Saturday to sign copies of his hit SPP graphic novels Scorn and Rottentail. 

Bumping up the sexy quotient at the Source Point Mega-booth was Stephen Sharar. He's the amazing artist behind Up The River and has worked on the hit comic Toots Malloy. 

Source Point Press art director, Joshua Werner, is ready to sell some art. Not only is he the mastermind that makes SPP titles looks so pro, but he's a world renown artist in his own right.

Crossing the streams if forbidden in the Ghostbuster handbook so Mike and Ming from Comic Book Men decided to "gently touch tips" lol

Author Trico J. Lutkins looks over his work on the Jack of Spades series. "Damn, I'm good!"

Sales for our flagship series, Jack of Spades, continue to thrive. Also, fan interest in the forthcoming Magma-man has been amazing! "I'm as excited to see it released as you guys are." Author Trico Lutkins told fans.

Author Greg Wright was on the scene for the release of his first book to be published through Source Point Press, Montrous. Issue #1 of the four issue miniseries had a "surprise" limited release at Fantasticon. The official release date will be In February for issue #1.

Just one side of the Source Point Press 3 sided mega-booth!

One of the greatest things about Source Point Press is that we actively support the indie comic community. At Fantasticon, President Travis McIntire and art director Joshua Werner presented a panel for indie creators to publish their first comic. Travis is also the cofounder of the Michigan Comics Collective, a non-porfit organization that connects the comic community throughout Michigan. All members of SPP show their support for other comic creators by actively seeking out and purchasing indie books. Here's Joshua Werner showing off the latest addition to his local collection.

Source Point Press is not only a rising up-and-comer publisher of comics but we also have a large catalog of novels and anthologies!