Sunday, April 19, 2015

SPP invaded Toledo during Fantasticon!

April 11th and 12th the Source Point staff descended on Toledo to bring SPP's awesomeness to Ohio!

Conventions are the only place where fans can get 2 for $5 pricing on great black and white titles! 

Corner booth!  So much room! It was amazing!

After a mega-successful Kickstarter campaign, Up the River will be available next month at the Motorcity Comic Con, but fans could get a teaser comic at Fantasticon Toledo!

Plenty of FREE swag! Make sure to come by our booths at conventions and get your FREE SPP merch!

"What room has no windows and no door?" I dunno but if the Jack of Spades comic series is there then I'll find a way in! 

 The wife of author, Trico J. Lutkins, even found her new favorite comic series!

One of SPP's greatest friends and fan, Kosmic Kasey, released her new book, Pieces of Madness. it's an AMAZING read!

This PHANTOM is no STRANGER to Source Point Presents!

Rampant is still on the rampage! Lycan Lore is still being devoured by readers and Forgotten Lore is nowhere near to being forgotten by fans.

SPP art director was overseas during Fantasticon Toledo but that didn't stop fans from getting their fix of As Fall Leaves Illustration.

The Trickster nabbed a Jack of Spades #0 issue!