Thursday, February 26, 2015

Serial Returns with 2nd Issue

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When the original creative team of David C. Hayes, Kurt Belcher, Ryan Yager, Daniele Serra, Jared Rourke, and Henrik Horvath had their serial killer comic anthology banned from Amazon, you’d think they would have quit there. But this true crime comic book finally found a home when it was picked up by off-the-wall publisher, Source Point Press. The phenomenal success of Serial #1, which featured famous murderers Gacy, Fish, and Resendiz, cemented the title as one of Source Point Press’ new ongoing monthly series, and the long-awaited second issue has finally been released.

“The concept behind Serial was something we found immediately intriguing,” says Source Point Art Director Joshua Werner. “It is, first and foremost, an informative and historically accurate close-up look at some of the world’s most notorious serial killers. And secondly, it’s a brutal edgy horror comic for mature readers. It, in no way, is intended to glorify such horrific actions, the comic is the way it is because that is the straight-forward truth of what happened; these are ‘true crime’ tales.”

Now, the original team members Kurt Belcher and David C. Hayes return to lend their talents to issue #2 two with the addition of Eric Xton, Kevin Moyers, Trico J. Lutkins and David Andres to bring not just three stories, but four all new tales of femme fatale serial killers. “When I read (Serial) issue #1 I thought it was brilliant, so I couldn’t wait to see Source Point Press put their unique touch on Serial #2, and I am ecstatic to have one of my stories included in it,” said contributing author, Trico J. Lutkins. This all-female anthology features the tales of Elizabeth Bathory, Lizzie Borden, Gwendolyn Graham and Cathy Wood, and La Mataviejitas.

Serial #2 is available in select comic book stores can be ordered online via the Source Point Press website, facebook, and
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