Monday, October 13, 2014

Meet SPP Mondays: Nightforce

Source Point Press is proud to announce that it will be releasing a new ongoing series, Source Point Presents. SP Presents will be in the tradition of Dark Horse Presents and Marvel Comics Presents.  Each issue will introduce readers to new characters and will explore established characters more in depth. Source Point Presents will be part of the Jack of Spades universe

One of the featured heroes in issue #1 will be Nightforce!

Nightforce was a brilliant mechanical engineer who walked away from a promising future when he learned that the alien technology that he had reverse-engineered was not going to be used to save lives or for the betterment of mankind, but instead it would be used for military applications.

Now, he uses his exo-suit, rocketpack and other inventions to become a vigilante, roaming the night skies.  A force for good against those that would use their power to oppress the weak... The Nightforce!